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Gratitude Thursday: Health

Hadn't done one of these in over a year, but I've been meaning to get back into the habit of it (if you can call two posts a habit), and the start of a new year seems like the perfect time for it.

For several reasons, I've been thinking about my health this week. I do gripe a lot about it, and tend to forget how fortunate I've been with it: I have asthma, and it can be a nuisance, but it's been years since I had an attack; I had a bit of a scare a few years back, with my tumoral indicators going off the scale, and it turned out to be something that required minor surgery, but wasn't in any way life-threatening; I have never broken a bone in my life, and I can't remember the last time I was bed-ridden for more than a day or two.

So, this week, I'm choosing to be thankful that, for the most part, I've always been healthy enough to go about my life as I see fit, and that there was always treatment readily available whenever an ailment of some kind came my way.

2014 Resolutions

  1. Take better care of myself

  2. Speak up

  3. Chill

  4. Stop calling myself ‘stupid’ every time something doesn’t goes well

  5. Trust

  6. Learn to play the guitar


Gratitude Thursday: Money and Bills

This has been a somewhat troubled week. I got a large bill I wasn't expecting, and I've been dealing not just with paying it, but making arrangements to make sure it doesn't happen again.

It may seem like a strange thing to be thankful for, having to pay a large sum of money all of the sudden, but the truth is I did have the money. And when I look back, whenever there's been a situation similar to this one, I've always had the money, and I haven't always thought to be thankful for that.

So, that's what I'm thanking the Universe at large for this week: that money is always there when I need it.

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Gratitude Thursday: Screenwriting

I’m having so much fun with screenwriting right now. It’s not that I hadn’t pondered the form before, I had some books on it, and started the screenplays for a couple of movies, but maybe because I was so focused on novels, it never really hit me the way it has now.

It’s not by any means easy, but that’s actually part of the fun. It is a challenge to strike the right balance: giving enough information so that whoever is reading the script, but not so much that it curtails the work of the director and the actors; making sure dialogue is polished, and that every scene gives important information on character and story without turning it into an info dump.

So that’s what I’m grateful for this week. Having rediscovered the form, exploring it, is not only making me grow as a writer, but helping me remember why I used to happily sit at my typewriter for hours on end.

(Cross-posted to my Tumblr)


Done with NaNo for this year, unless a lightning bolt of inspiration strikes. I think I need to do more prep work on this novel, get to know the characters better, and sort the plot wholes in the outline before I get down to write it again.

Still want to get some writing done during November and get back in the habit of writing daily, so I'm going to try and write a story a day for the rest of the month, and work on some scripts I have to finish or revise. I's also like to try and write more each day until I'm back to my 1700 usual.

NaNoWriMo - Week 1

Only had one good day of writing to be honest, which means I'm almost 10000 words behind, right now. Need to write at least 2000 words a day for the rest of the month to catch up. 


NaNoWriMo Spreadsheet


Made an Excel sheet to keep track of my NaNo progress. Like in the one from last year, all you have to do is input the total wordcount for your novel at the end of each day, and it gives you how many words you've written that day. It will also gives you the minimum number of words you'll have to write the next day to keep on track (that's the Adjusted Daily Goal column).

You can dowload it here, if you want.


NaNoWriMo Supplies

My supplies:

- 2 Daler Rowney Sketchbooks (I love them for writing: the paper is soft and thick, and the spine allows them to lay flat when open, plus they're actually cheaper than most hardcover notebooks)
- Mechanical pencil and eraser (because sometimes I make little sketches to help me visualise stuff)
- 2 Staedtler triplus fineliner (for marginal notes: things I already know I'll want to change, things that need checking later on, and so on)
- Maped Reload roller pen and black ink cartridges for it

The stationery addict in me is having a ball!

Now, it's back to that outline.


Wasn't planning on entering NaNo this year - or ever again, quite frankly - but the muse dropped a lovely idea on my brain while I was sleeping a short while back, so I'm going to write it for NaNo. I'm very optimistic about actually finishing the 50 000 words this year, because I love the idea, and I already have most of the story plotted out in my head, so it's really just a matter of getting my tush in the chair, ignoring the internal editors (aka my ego giving me grief with its ridiculous little worries), and writing those 1667 words a day.

What I've been doing to prepare:
  • I've come up with a title (Mr.Hughes's Tea Parlour and Curiosity Shop);
  • I've jotted down some notes about the dream that inspired it, and about the ideas I've had in the mean time; 
  • I've set up an Inspiration Board for the project;
  • I've defined the characters, and named them;
  • I've stocked up on assorted teas (tea is very much a part of my process, ok?).

What I still want to do before November:
  • Flesh out the story;
  • Do a phase outline, and establish an approximate number of words per phase;
  • Draw a picture of my ego and/or my internal editors, so that whenever they're getting me stuck, I can look at it and have a good laugh (or picture myself giving them a good swift kick in the tush, depending on the mood I'm in);
  • Set up an excel sheet, maybe modify a bit the one I'd done for last year with all the formulas;
  • Stock up on good snacks (fruit, breadsticks, nuts and dry fruit, and really dark chocolate);
  • Set up a writing schedule, preferably with my writing time first thing in the morning, or I'll end up going back to my night-writing ways, and those don't work;
  • Buy an extra notebook, and some extra ink cartridges for my pens, just in case (yes, I'm long-handing it, I've stopped trying to fight my nature). 

What I mean to do during November:
  • Stick to the schedule as much as possible (yes, stuff happens, but most of it can be ignored for an hour or two);
  • Write EVERY day, even if I can't manage the 1667 words;
  • Do a bit more than the 1667 words to preemptively compensate for the low-count days (I'm actually planning on aiming for 2000 words/day - it's perfectly feasible for me);
  • Keep myself accountable by coming here and on Twitter and report on my progress every day. 

Apr. 30th, 2012

The three fics of mine that had been nominated for the cmfavoritefics all got second place in their categories. Thank you so much to everyone who voted! And a big thanks to the organizers for all their work as well!




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